Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catching up on my lack of crafts

Today I finally got to CRAFT :) I got home from California last night and I was so ancy to open the sewing machine! I have a list of crafts I need to but today I did 2 Main ones and then helped my friend Aubree with embroidering her towels and adding button holes to her comforter!

Here were my crafts I tackled today!

ACU shirt-
I am going to be making a game day dress and I needed a shirt to do it with so I decided to make one! So I used the freezer paper method for this craft I will link one of my favorite blogs called MADE and how she does Freezer Paper Shirts!

This is how mine turned out!

Towel Embroidery-
Last year I had really wanted to have my towels embroidered and so today I tried doing my own towels because I now have an embroidery machine :) I have 9 towels that needed embroidering and then I did 3 of my friends so over the whole day I embroidered 12 towels!

Before I left for California Emily and I made shirts for school this year. At ACU we have to go to chapel 55 times a semester so we deemed the shirts appropriate!

I have a couple more crafts I need to do tomorrow! So be looking for a new update soon!