Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am sure that everyone has seen the youtube clip bloodah it is a classic! hahaha

What brings up this you ask? Well today I gave blood!
I find it so important now to give blood! After going through every thing I did when I had ITP I understand how necessary it is for blood donations. Did you realize when you give blood you save 3 adults lives or 5 babies? It literally took me no more than 10 minutes when all the questions were over! It is really was one of the greatest thing to do and takes virtually no time!

Anyways I HIGHLY SUGGEST EVERYONE GIVE BLOOD! If you dont know a place or are nervous call me! I will go with you and drive you! Or I believe our church is going to hold a blood drive pretty soon! So you can do that too!

Anyways! Hope everyone had a great day!
Today was my last day of summer school for bible! YAY!

- Stine!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy week

WELL, I have not updated in a while! I have been busy with school and catching up with friends and seeing family!

I spent the whole weekend with my sister and my niece Kathryn! She is three months and one week old and SOOO Precious. She is beginning to learn how to smile and I LOVE it! It was so fun just to spend time with her!

Also, this week we did a lot of organizing, my mom and I realized that we have lived in our house for like sixteen years and some of the cabinets and things we haven't gone through in that long, so we finally went through all of that and de-cluttered our life. It was amazing to see the amount of Junk that was sitting around our house. We cleaned my play room upstairs from when I was young.... and boy was that a task going through old toys, books, puzzles deciding what was worth keeping for my nieces and nephew and potentially my kids one day!

Anyways sorry this was such a boring post but not much has really gone on and I haven't really had time to sew this week!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laptop Case!

Well today I took on the task of a LAPTOP CASE!

First question... WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING!?!? hahaha o well... It turned out pretty cute in the end!

First I cut the fabric out and made the tab to hold the laptop in.... and since my sewing machine embroiderers I embroidered my initials on it! It look SUPER CUTE....

After that I started drawing my quilting line.... Did I have any idea what quilting lines were before I started? NO but did I figure it out? YES! So that was fun! It let me play around a little more with my machine! It was quite a task but it makes the end product look about 100 times better.

After that I added the next thing of velcro and it all started to come together! In the end I was really pleased with the product and how it turned out... It fit my laptop really well and looks super cute!

OH! Not to mention I made my own bias tape so it would match my case! Had I heard of Bias tape before yesterday? NOPE! hahaha I am learning a WHOLE lot and having a lot of fun!

Here is the Finished Product--

Thanks for reading!

Sew on!

So, this was supposed to go up last night.... but it didnt happen but here ya go!

Soooo I have had a nannying job for a couple of days but since the kids are still in school I have had the liberty to do what I want during the day and then when the kids get home just chill here with them!

It has been a big change for me because I have been going to bed at like 11…. Not the usual one or two in the morning. Any who, today while the children were at school I got to meet up with one of my friends in the BFF crew LAUREN! We went to Rio Mambo! Then after we went to Hobby Lobby so I could get supplies to start sewing with!

I got home and broke open the sewing machine and attempted the “Organized Bed Pocket” so I could stick my phone in it during the night, so that it wouldn’t be laying on the ground! It came out fairly decent I was proud of myself! It is one of the first things I have done with like directions hahaha.

After that I cleaned up real fast and mom made pork chops, (then I had some leftover birthday cake! The kids had church tonight so I got back to their house around 8pm and now they are working on homework, showering and getting ready for bed!

Overall this has been a pretty chill week! I am probably going to get to hang out with my sister at the end of this week and most of the weekend! And I only have one more week of summer school left! (for one class at least)! Then I start Chem at TCC….

Anywho! I hope everyone is having a GREAT week!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So today Emily, Me and one of our friends Jeff went to the ZOO! I cant tell you the last time I was there (the fort worth zoo that is) for probably 10 years! (that makes me sound REALLY old.. hahaha But it was really fun to enjoy a past time that I use to LOVE!

It is not a big secret that I LOVE Zebras!!!!!! I almost had a heart attach when I saw them! I really enjoyed getting to act like a little kid and take in all of the wonderful animals the zoo has to offer!

Here are some pictures of some of the Animals we saw


Monday, May 17, 2010

It's my birthday, I'll cry if I want to!

So... Today was my BIRTHDAY! It was pretty low key most of the day.... I woke up late and my BFF Emily made me homemade cinnamon rolls! YUMMM.... after that we took an adventure to Sewing world. I am not sure if a lot of people know but I really like sewing, nothing in particular I just LOVE sitting down and making things. So today my parents bought me a sewing/embroidery machine. It is really cool! I am so excited to start using it! I got a book that I saw on Lullaby Lubbock's blog! It's called One-Yard Wonders and it is a great book with so many cute designs! So tomorrow I start on trying to make things out of it!

Don't Judge the Mickey Mouse thing.... it
came with a free enbrodery set and it is acutally
really cool!

On another note, My mother made me my FAVORITE dinner which is a pesto/Alfredo pasta with chicken and tomatoes! She also made me a HOME MADE birthday cake! I think this might have been the first birthday cake she has EVER MADE for me! It was delicious!

Overall I had a wonderful birthday, it was low key and wonderful! I will start posting pictures of my creations when I have time to sit down and create!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

So, Today at church we had one of the most moving things I have ever seen. Most people know that I am not a big crier in public but today I could not control myself.

People came up and on a piece of cardboard they wrote out a struggle they were dealing with that they had over come. For example the one that really got my sobbing was the very first one. On one side of the cardboard it said "We lost our daughter in a car accident" on the other side it said "we now have 2 new daughters adopted from Russia and they ran on stage. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen.

There were forty five different stories that walked across the stage that were from beating cancer, to miscarriages to rape to drug addiction. All stories of people over coming their extreme difficult situations because they put extreme faith in the Lord.

My personal favorite was one of my very good friends Brittaney Hilt, her mom came on stage with a cardboard that said "My daughter had a heart transplant at age 3, brain seizures at 3 1/2, Cancer at age 14, cancer again at age 16, Stem cell transplant at age 16 1/2" and then her daughter Brittaney walked across the stage and hers said something like "I am brittaney and I am alive and healthy". It was a moment that I could not recreate.

On more of a personal note one of my most favorite people of all time had a very tragic thing happen today. My Godfather Tom, father passed away today. They were going to pick him up for church and he was MIA, they started calling around and found out he had called 911 the night before. They got to the hospital and was on a ventilator and was brain dead. They removed the ventilator and his father passed 3 minutes later. The Lance family would really appreciate your prayers in this time of struggle. You will never be forgotten Dick Lance!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Meatballs and Potatoes!

Well! The deed is done, I made Dinner... not without blood and tears tho...

I Started the afternoon off by making Peanut butter cookie dough... DELICIOUS!
They are about to go in the oven!

Next on the agenda was Meatballs! In the meatballs is oatmeal (Quaker Oats :)) Minced Onion, milk, Salt and pepper! I stuck them in the freezer for like 15 minutes (instead of the fridge for 45) , fried em' and stuck them in the oven!

Meanwhile, I was also working on Potatoes! They were potatoes Au-grautin HOMEMADE! It included slicing 5 potatoes thinly and a sauce that consist of a butt load of onions, garlic, butter, half and half, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, rosemary, green onion and Parmesan cheeeseee :) (this is definitely not lo cal)

I also finished frying the meatballs!

Meanwhile I was also preparing asparagus (dads favorite :))

1 Hour for the potatoes

45 minutes for the meatballs

20 minutes for asparagus

ALL on 350

Then... dinner was served :)



All in all dinner was delicious! Dad, Mom and I thought it was wonderful!!


Here is the blood and guts section: I was taking out the glass to put the meatballs in, and I dropped it and it sliced my finger open :(

Now- I am going to do as pepper did and SLEEEEPPPP

Rain Rain Go Away?

What is it about the rain that makes my body not want to do anything? I feel like I could literally just sit on the couch all day and do ABSOLUTELY nothing. I have been sitting in the kitchen trying to work on my summer school homework and I cannot focus! I really want to get it done, but in all honesty I have NO motivation to do it! The sound of rain just makes me wanna fall over and go to sleep forever... I just LOVE it, yet feel so unproductive.

Mom and Dad come home today from the anniversary trip. They were supposed to stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico for like 4 days but the elevation got to my dad and they had to leave early! So that means instead of cooking dinner tomorrow I am cooking TONIGHT! I am so nervous this is not going to turn out... but I mean at least I am trying right? Don't worry, I will take a plethora of pictures and post the final outcome tonight or sometime tomorrow!

Well, I guess I have procrastinated enough, I NEED to finish this homework.

OH but I do appreciate you reading these! I really enjoy it when people say they read it!

Mkk update yall soon about Dinner outcome tonight!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


So, I had to get a blog for my Bible class, and I really didn't know what it was going to be like, but I have really enjoyed writing in it so far. So I guess I am going to make it a habit and write in it frequently? Just whatever I am feeling or to update you if something big happens, or I learn something cool I want to share with you!

Well, here we go! I just got done with my first year of college, I learned a lot academically and spiritually and just life lessons. I have made tons of new friends and I am so thankful for them!

Since it is summer, I clearly have a little more free time on my hands than I did before, so my best friend Emily and I decided we needed to learn how to cook. Seems kinda silly right? but we realized that we have no earthly idea how to cook anything besides spaghetti! So this week has been full of trying to make dishes out of a cook book her mom has. The first night we made meatballs and homemade au gratin potatoes! All elements of that meal turned out delicious and I am going to attempt to make it for my parents when then get home!

For now, I am in two summer school classes online trying to keep up with the enormous work load that nursing majors are required to finish in four years! So I am taking 13 hours this summer, after taking 18 hours last spring and 16 hours in the fall. I feel like I am trying so hard and I can barely keep my head above water! So far I have been making pretty good grades though! All A's and B's! I even made an A in my Statistics Class!!!!

Well... I guess that about wraps up what is going on right now! I will update you after I attempt dinner for my parents in a couple days!

Thanks For Reading!