Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well today was spent just as I had hoped. I SEWED alll DAYYY LONG! it was SO fun! today I tackled pajama pants that I saw on the blog MADE I really enjoyed trying to make them, although they did not turn out the way I expected it was still fun! Here are some pics--

Also, Emily asked me to make her one of the trash cans for the car! So I did that as well.

THE BEST NEWS OF ALL came towards the middle of the day. I got a call from a good friend, and she is opening up a seasonal store and she asked if I wanted to showcase some of my stuff in her store! So I will let you know if it all works out and I am able to do it!

Also! If you see anything on here that you like I will gladly make them for you! I will make the items at a reasonable price too!

Anyways! Today went wonderful and I hope the rest of the week will go just as well!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Have I mentioned I have been busy?

WOW, it has been a while since I updated! I have been overwhelmed with summer school! Chemistry is kicking my taillllll :( But this weekend we really don't really have much going on. So guess what I decided to do with my free time? SEW! I have really been wanting to sew but this chemistry class has given me NO time to do anything I enjoy.

So tonight while mom was preparing dinner I started a project. I decided to make a trash bag for my car, I got the idea from the book One Yard Wonders.... sounds kinda lame but it will get used a lot and was simple to make!

What I needed for this project was:
1 yard of any fabric
1/8 yard of a fabric used for bias tape
1 parachute hook
Matching Thread

First thing we had to do was cut out the pieces:

Next I made the straps that it was going to hang from in the car:

After that I made the Bias tape for the raw edges and sewed it on (I really like the colors of these fabrics!)

After that I sewed all the pieces to each other so that the pocket and everything would be where it was supposed to be, but not closing off the ends so I could easily connect the straps-

After that I added the straps and WAHLA! (umm not sure if that is how you spell it haha) it was done! It was so easy and it turned out so cute!-

After that I was feeling CRAZY and decided to try making a button hole... hahah random right? well it turned out well and now I know I can do them! and it was SUPER easy!

Any ways! I am going to try to do another one tomorrow for funsies.. but we will see how that goes!

I will try to update again before the weekend ends!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


WOW I have been busy! I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated!
Here is what has been going on!

Memorial Day- We had a party! Lots of family and friends came and we enjoyed eachother's fellowship and some pretty darn cute kids

Online Summer School- I was ambitious and am taking 13 hours this summer, currently I have finished one online class which was 'Message of The Old Testament" While also being in an Online english class at the same time. The Online English Class ends this week and I am SO thankful. But I started another Bible Class on June 1st which is "christianity in culture." That will be done at the end of next week.

CHEMISTRY- WOW.. there are literally no words to describe how much I want to cry every time I go into that class. I told my dad "I have never not understood anything like I have understood that class"... CHEM IS TRY... I MUST TRY TO CONTINUE! hahahaha That class will be over July 8... that will be the day I SING Hallelujah! (If I pass)

Jandi!- One of my best friends from College came to visit Emily and I this weekend and we have had a blast hanging out and catching up on all the summer Gossip!

Any ways, the Summer is going fast! I have already been out for a month! But I am having fun and learning a lot!

I will try to update sooner next time

- Christine