Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm doing fine.

This whole Idea for this blog started a few nights ago when me and a group of friends went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.... Random Right? Well our waitress was in one of the worst moods I have ever seen. She was against helping us in anyway and she was very unaccommodating to say the least. All of us chose to complain about her the entire time and keep asking her question to see if she would change her mood at all..... she didn't. We all left pretty upset and very frustrated, I am not the one to complain about service all that much, but I have never experienced as horrible service as that. But what I didn't think about what - I wonder what has happened to her today to put her in this mood.... here comes the guilt trip.

The next night in my night class my professor talked to us very briefly about how peoples lives are so much more than what meets the eye. Which really got me thinking about the night before and pretty much every day of my life. ha. a small comment that effects me in a huge way... who knew hahaha

So here is the meat of my blog:

How many times do you walk by someone, say hi, ask how they are doing and don't think about they are doing the rest of the day? For me, that is much more then I would like. I honestly wonder how people are doing underneath the "fine" or "good" comments. All I have been able to think about lately is -

"How little are people showing me compared to the layers and layers of hurt and pain underneath the "fine" or "good" mentality?"

Granted, I am not saying you need to go divulge your life to every single person that asks how are you, but I am saying that it is okay to be real. I actually prefer to hear that people want me to pray for them and know what they are going through.

This hits a much bigger idea. Personal gratification. In our world today people really are into themselves. We are in a time when we expect immediate gratification. I wish we could all take a step back and say hey, I am blessed and I need to bless others, I WANT to hear the struggles of other and them know that they are constantly being prayed for. So, I guess the things I am getting at is... LISTEN to others and HOW they are doing. Don't just take things at face value, but try to comprehend that there is a lot more going on.

All in all, I think that we need to be more aware to the needs of others and be prepared to help and pray whenever people ask for it.... and even when they don't.

Be open with others, people care. they really do.