Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Farewell Oxford.

I have compiled some of my favorite pictures from this trip into a slide show with some music and a thank you for all of your support while I have been over here!

My plane leaves tomorrow at 11am Oxford time which is 5am Texas time and 3am California time, so say a little prayer that everything goes well before you go to sleep tonight!

Enjoy the video!


Monday, August 6, 2012

A whirlwind of a week: Olympics, Salisbury Cathedral & Stonehenge, and Paris!

Whirlwind of a week doesn't even begin to describe the amazing week I have had I got to to an Olympic game!

We got to go to Wembley Stadium and see Women's Soccer GB vs. Brazil! I can honestly say that this was hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This may be the only olympics I will ever get to go to in my life and I got to do it in LONDON. Blessed. That is the only word that I can think of. I was seriously so excited... You will be able to tell by the pictures. 

 Ticket in hand and READY to go! 

My friend Mackenzie and I were so excited

Group Shot! Love the stadium in the background!

We had awesome seats! Go team GB!

The teams lining up and singing God Save the Queen! 

70,568 people in that one stadium. ah

Another Group Picture! Love it! 

On Wednesday we got to visit Salisbury Cathedral! It was absolutely stunning, the pictures like don't even do it justice! 

This is their new Baptismal, it was beautiful and so picturesque 

I now may have a small obsession with stained glass... its fine. 

You read this right people. The Queen visited here THIS YEAR. 

That afternoon we got to visit stonehenge! It is so incredible to see this picturesque place! 

On our way home we saw this BEAUTIFUL full rainbow. I was obsessed. 

Finally I got to visit PARIS FRANCE. It was seriously a dream come true! Getting to visit all of these places has been so amazing especially during the Olympics! 

The Eiffel Tower is hands down one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

This is the church of the sacred heart! It is the highest point of the city so obviously I was LOVING all the views you could see! 

Moulin Rouge! 

My first Crepe... Apparently my eyes were swollen... 

Notre Dame! 

I was so excited to go into the Lourve and see so many amazing pieces of artwork

me and mona... we are on a first name basis

The lock bridge! So much Love! 

Okay, so this may be my favorite picture of the whole trip. It was STUNNING. 

little baby macaroons! 

Our amazing dinner the final night! We had so much fun! 

All of this to say, we are having an amazing time and I only have 3 days left here in this majestic place! I am so incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity and this is a very bittersweet ending! I am very ready to see my friends and family, but am so sad that I have to leave here! I am so thankful for all of y'alls constant support and encouragement!