Friday, July 23, 2010

Life Update :)

Okay, so it is no surprise that I have had a lack in blog post lately. But I kinda have good reason?

Here is what is going on in my life-
1. I am DONE with summer school. I finished 13 hours this summer and am relieved to have that behind me. Chemistry almost killed me!

2. I have been dieting. From the middle of June til now I have lost circa 20 pounds! I am really grateful that I have decided to stay dedicated to it and am working had to keep losing. Drew our pastor at compass christian church had done a sermon on idols and how food has become our idols and it really struck me. It helped me really focus on how important our relationship with Him is.

3. I am in California. I have had a super busy year with school and so we are in Southern California right now chilling and relaxing with family and friends. Tomorrow we head to our beach house and stay there for like 5 days. I am so ready to hang out and do nothing.

4. I am so ready for school to start, but I am dreading the idea of school starting. I am so pumped to be going back to school but my school load this semester is going to be really hard. I really need all A's and B's this year for a number of reasons and would appreciate your prayers for support.

5. I am praying through a lot of things right now to decide some major desicions and would really appreciate you're prayers these next couple months and year. I am stressed out over things that God has in control and I need to not be.

I will be doing more crafts when I get home, but until then- I hope EVERYONE's summer is going wonderfully!


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