Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh hey... do I have a blog? I guess I forgot.

Here is an update on my life

1. School
Has taken over my life? yes. Love it. YES! I am having a wonderful school year. I have been working hard and trying to stay on top of my homework... trying being the key word there....

2. Extra curricular activities
So this semester I am rushing! Here at ACU you rush sophomore year! We are about half way through with the rushing process... and boyyyy is it stressful! Here are a couple outfits that came out of these rushes! (some are cute... and some are... well... lets just say... homemade)

All in all we had a blast dressing up and now we are HOPING to get to pledge Sigma Theta Chi. All the girls we have met have been absolutely wonderful and I would feel SO honored to be friends with all of them!

3. Diet.
So, My diet is drawing to a close.... and as of 8:00 this morning I have lost 39.5 pounds....
(lets just round it to 40 why don't we?) I am SO grateful I did this diet this summer. I am amazed
by my physical transformation and my mental and spiritual transformation. All in all I am so
blessed to have people that are supporting me.

Anyways, this is all I have time to update for right now... BUT i will try to update SOON!


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