Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blessings in Disguise.

OH goodness. Since my last post my life has been a roller coaster of emotion. I am usually not this "emotional" but pledging has done some crazy stuff to me. Let me start from the beginning

1. ANATOMY. One simple word that can suck the fun out of any conversation. I am failing that class. big time HA. So I was talking to my advisor about dropping it and seeing how it affects my major all together and trying it next semester. She told me I have to be passing to drop it. Well... not sure how that is going to happen (but keep reading). Dropping this one lousy class will also put me behind a semester in school, which will add a whole year onto my college. (kinda sucky, kinda okay? I don't really wanna grow up anyways).

2. MY PLAN. I soon realized that my "college" plan is NOT my plan. It is GODS, and EVERYTHING I am doing is for the glory of HIM. Since Freshman year I have been pushing myself so hard to get these prerequisites done in 2 year. This has literally meant taking at least 17 or 18 hours a semester. For most of you who know me. School is not my strong suit anyways. So I am proud I have made it this far. HERE's the kicker. If I am waiting an extra semester before going to nursing school it means that I am only going to be taking 12 or 13 hours for the next 2 semesters (that will be fun) hahah ;) It also means that I can get a minor, which I am pretty passionate about. I am not sure in what yet, but I think it will be in bible or psychology! :)

3. GODS PLAN. God went ahead of me in everything. EVERYTHING. I went to talk to my anatomy teacher today, (remember I am failing it. quite badly) I tell her "I am struggling" and tell her I am probably going to have to drop the class (depending on if I can get into the one next semester). I tell her the only way I can drop it is if I am passing because the whole point is I don't want it to affect my GPA that I have worked so hard to keep high. She looks at me and tells me. "thank you for telling me this, I want you to know, If you end up having to drop I will drop you passing" .. OMG did she REALLY just say that? She did. BLESSING. AMEN HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS! She will also let me sit through the rest of the semester and let me hear all of the lectures so that I can learn all of the information. Have I mentioned that GOD is in CONTROL and I am NOT.

4. HERE IS HOW IT ALL PLAYS OUT- IF I can get into my anatomy class next semester I will drop this one (unless God wants to let me get a B in it) :) Take it again next semester with organic chemistry (that will be a challenge as well). HAVE NO CLASSES THIS SUMMER (that sounds better then the 13 I took last summer.) Next fall I take 2 more prerequisite classes. get in nursing school in the spring. Going to nursing school in the spring will also spread out my classes more for the next 2 years and I will be another HUGE blessing. IF all of this works out, and I stay on campus next fall I want to try to be a officer in club. That is something I am passionate about and I feel like this is God giving me a chance to do it.

5. WHAT TO PRAY FOR- Pray for God's will. Whatever he wants to happen over the next 2 years let me see it clearly, let him open doors for me and close others. Pray that I ALWAYS remember that GOD is in control. Pray for pledging to end well (and quickly) so I can shift my focus a little more to school. Pray for a boy I went to High School with named Steven England, he has cancer and the treatments are not effective and his family is having to go through a really rough time right now. Pray.

THANK YOU for reading this. It has been heavy on my heart lately, and I really just want people to know that prayer does WORK.

Remaining Humbled by Him,

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