Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Consumed. Scattered. Loved.

Well, its been almost a month. I really haven't been all that busy, but my life has been mildly uninteresting. But I really did hear God speaking to me on Sunday and this week. It has been really cool.

The word that God told me was : Consumed

A very simple word and has so many meanings, but I have 2 things that it really meant to me.

The first thing is that I have become consumed by the world. I have become a number or statistic that is just going from day to day to get things done. I have just been alive and not living. I feel as if my life has been the epitome of average and I haven't been doing anything extraordinary to show God's hand in my life.

The second thing that consumed meant to me was made apparent at church on Sunday. I was sitting in service... well actually standing and singing and all of a sudden I just felt the presence of God all around me. I was in a place I had never felt before, it was really cool. Besides feeling consumed I know that prayers have been said for me. I have had kind of a weird place the last few weeks..... and just today I got 3 text messages/email saying someone was praying for me.

If that is not powerful I don't know what is. I am blessed beyond words and thankful for my family and friends that motivate me every day.

God knows my every need and makes me feel loved... all of the time.

Sorry this is so scattered but I am just blah, but ever so consumed by the glory and Love that is my God.


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