Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Acts of Random Kindness

It hit me today. 

We are a blessed people. Can I get an amen? 

We live in a time and period of abundance. I am the first to admit it, I have a plethora of things that I do not need. Then I look at my textbooks and watch the news and realize, I need to give back. I am sure a bunch of you are thinking you are in the same boat. 

So here is my challenge, I stumbled across it somewhere on google today and can't seem to find the origin of the amazing idea! But the here is the gist - 

On December 12 (NEXT WEDNESDAY) do 12 random acts of kindness.  
Well... it doesn't have to be twelve... but that is a number to aim for! 
Even one act of kindness can  mean the world to someone!

- Take pictures, 
- Take Videos 
- Write a Haiku 
- Draw a Picture
- Sing a song

of the acts in action! 

I would love to see the impact that it has and how many people we can reach!!!  

I have already asked 2 friends to do this with me and come along with me for this fun time! 

Here is a list of a few things we might do, the possibilities are ENDLESS! 
-Put Quarters at a vending machine for a few free drinks! 
- Pay for someone's meal
- Bake for Neighbors
- Leave a gift in your mailbox for the mailman! 
- Make a baked good for the fire station & thank you note
- Give someone flowers for no reason 
- Donate some clothes
- Write encouraging notes to people you admire
- Pay for someone's car wash
- Leave an overly generous tip at a meal
- Give an exceptional review to an employee at a store
- Send friends encouraging texts
McDonald's- Give Blood
- Leave money at for people in line & see how long it goes
- Surprise a friend with Starbucks 
- Complement Someone's outfit/appearance 
- Pay for someone's groceries 
- Pick up things that have fallen off a shelf at a store

Seriously.. the list could drag on forever. 

I can't wait to share our success/hear about yours! 

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