Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well today was spent just as I had hoped. I SEWED alll DAYYY LONG! it was SO fun! today I tackled pajama pants that I saw on the blog MADE I really enjoyed trying to make them, although they did not turn out the way I expected it was still fun! Here are some pics--

Also, Emily asked me to make her one of the trash cans for the car! So I did that as well.

THE BEST NEWS OF ALL came towards the middle of the day. I got a call from a good friend, and she is opening up a seasonal store and she asked if I wanted to showcase some of my stuff in her store! So I will let you know if it all works out and I am able to do it!

Also! If you see anything on here that you like I will gladly make them for you! I will make the items at a reasonable price too!

Anyways! Today went wonderful and I hope the rest of the week will go just as well!


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