Friday, June 25, 2010

Have I mentioned I have been busy?

WOW, it has been a while since I updated! I have been overwhelmed with summer school! Chemistry is kicking my taillllll :( But this weekend we really don't really have much going on. So guess what I decided to do with my free time? SEW! I have really been wanting to sew but this chemistry class has given me NO time to do anything I enjoy.

So tonight while mom was preparing dinner I started a project. I decided to make a trash bag for my car, I got the idea from the book One Yard Wonders.... sounds kinda lame but it will get used a lot and was simple to make!

What I needed for this project was:
1 yard of any fabric
1/8 yard of a fabric used for bias tape
1 parachute hook
Matching Thread

First thing we had to do was cut out the pieces:

Next I made the straps that it was going to hang from in the car:

After that I made the Bias tape for the raw edges and sewed it on (I really like the colors of these fabrics!)

After that I sewed all the pieces to each other so that the pocket and everything would be where it was supposed to be, but not closing off the ends so I could easily connect the straps-

After that I added the straps and WAHLA! (umm not sure if that is how you spell it haha) it was done! It was so easy and it turned out so cute!-

After that I was feeling CRAZY and decided to try making a button hole... hahah random right? well it turned out well and now I know I can do them! and it was SUPER easy!

Any ways! I am going to try to do another one tomorrow for funsies.. but we will see how that goes!

I will try to update again before the weekend ends!

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