Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Work in Progress

Well.... When I though of this title for my blog I was really meaning to talk about my craft that I did today.... but really... it applies to me as well. I am always a work in progress. God is never done working inside of me. I will explain more when things are more nailed down. But for now lets just talk about my craft!

I am going to a baby shower this weekend for one of the most wonderful people in the world's daughter. It is kinda strange why we are friends and kinda strange that we are so close, but she is such a blessing in my life and I am so glad that we know each other.

My craft- Baby Gift set. yep. Gift SET hahah.. all I have done are the bibs. Let me tell you that it was the best feeling ever to bring out my sewing machine. It has been 6 week. DO YOU HEAR ME? 6 WEEKS!!

Here are some picyysss--- Like I said... there is a few more elements coming... but enjoy! And my model for the bibs is pretty wonderful :)

If your a Siggie.......
Also, I will be embroidering nike shorts for a small fee :) I am going to do mine tonight and put some pics up... but here was a PRACTICE one. They are looking better as I go... but l hope that you ask me to do it! It only takes me like 2 minutes! :) Love you all :)

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  1. I adore that precious baby! These bibs are seriously cute. Where did you find the fabric? Is the baby shower in Colleyville? Maybe you and your roommate can come home.:-)