Thursday, December 16, 2010

Craft & Cupcakes

Well, two of my absolute favorite things are going to be in this blog. Lets start with CRAFT :)
For some of my friends this year I hand painted picture frames! I hadn't been crafting all that much this semester, so it gave me a chance to sit down and do what I enjoy most!

First I just bought unfinished wood picture frames:

after that I painted them completely blue

Then I stenciled everything I wanted on top of the paint in pencil~

The font I tried to make mine look like was found HERE and its called LOVE LETTERS :)

Then All I needed was a little yellow and white paint and sharipe and WALLAH!

TA DA!! I will make these for people & sell them!

OH next major thing before CUPCAKES is that I am going to Guatemala on a missions trip this spring break! So any of my sewing stuff that you see on here PLEASE order it! I will use 100% of my profit to go on this missions trip

okay. NOW cupcake time!

Since being off my diet I have been CRAVING red velvet cupcakes I found this recipe online HERE

and boy do these look yummyyyy

Happy Holidays!


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