Sunday, January 2, 2011


Instead of making resolutions I am going to recap? Sound good?


  • I visited my first national park (Joshua Park)
  • I was horribly obsessed with the show Secret life of the American teenager
  • Was able to give blood for the first time


  • My Niece Kathryn was Born!
  • Started Playing Farmville… how embarrassing.
  • Visited College station for the first time


  • Saw Taylor Swift in Concert with my Best friend in the whole world.
  • My one year anniversary of having my spleen out
  • Planned to go to Atlantas for Spring break but went to Miami for dinner.. and then flew back to Texas.


  • Had my first encouter with Siggies. What an immense blessing that turned out to be.
  • Went to Carslbad NM for the first time ever.
  • I had my very first surprise birthday party!
  • Got my sewing machine!
  • Took 2 online classses...

  • May wasn’t that exciting


  • Took Chemistry, it owned me. My life, my soul and my time
  • Saw Wicked!


  • got a little craft crazy J
  • Started my diet.
  • This is a before picture:
  • Went to California! (dad and I at Knotts Berry Farm)


  • Returned to School
  • Did an unfortunate amount of crafting


  • I had lost 40 pounds by this point
  • Began a long journey of rushing

  • Became a Squig J


  • Lets just say: pledging. Anatomy and microbiology.

  • I also become a SIGGIE during October!

November: Some how I have NO pictures for November. FAIL.

  • Lots of dress up…… lots…
  • BFF crew came to visit from Cstat
  • Started diet again


  • Finished semester. Amen.

  • Christmas.
  • Visiting California.

slightly uneventful, but all in all it was an incredible year.

2010… you have been full of memories. Thank you.

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