Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Selling my Crafts!

Hey Everyone!

As most of you all know I am a pretty avid crafter! But I wanted you all to know that I sell all my stuff as well! I just thought I would give yall a heads up and show you five of my things that are really reasonably priced! One day I will start selling it on etsy *hopefully* but until then I would love to supply things for my friends and family!! There will be a few fabric options for every item!

There are 3 ways to order:

-Facebook me! inbox, on my wall, whatever!

-text me if you have my number or message me for it!

-email me: (it is cegZEROEIGHTa, it was kinda hard to read!)

Computer Case/Ipad Case: $25.00

The first thing is a beautiful computer case! I can make them for all size macbooks and PC’s and even Ipads! You have a choice on how the case closes, you can do Velcro or a button! Both super cute and all are very durable! These cases run for 25 dollars!

Car Trash Can: $15.00

My next thing is a car trash can! I have one in my car and it is constantly used! Every time I go to the gas station I empty it, and it has a handy pocket in front for cd cases, gum or just rand knick nacks! This is a steal! For only 15 dollars!

Small Zipper Case: $10.00

The third thing is a small zip case! The zipper is seven inches long and is 6 inches deep(this can be slightly adjusted)! This is another steal for only 10 dollars! And it is lined! Seriously perfect for computer chargers, hair accessories, makeup… ANYTHING!

Glasses Case: $10.00

This is a fun glasses case! They can be made custom for the exact size of your glasses and a just perfect for throwing in your purse! Again it is a steal for only 10 dollars!

Nike Shorts embroidery: $5.00

Lastly, I wanted you to know that I embroider! So if you all want your Nike shorts done I will only charge 5 dollars, and I can embroider any of the other products I sell too!

If you see anything else on my facebook or have some idea talk to me and I will let you know if I can do it and quote you a price!

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  1. You're so talented!!!!!!!!
    xoxo, augusta