Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London Round 2!!

This weekend we got to visit London again! We had a blast exploring the city again and seeing a number of shows!!

The first thing we got to do was go to the BBC! It was awesome to see this amazing building with such a rich history! 

I was so excited! 

This is outside Studio 1! 

Dr. Who Anyone?!  hahaha! 

Studio one is where most of the big british shows are recorded such as their version of so you think you can dance or the voice! 

This is one of their sports stages and David Beckham has sat on that couch!!

Our group played a games how! We had so much fun! 

After the BBC we headed off to a bike tour around London! It was so awesome getting to see the city in this light! 

This is Kensington Palace where many of the royal family live and stay

Sarah and I at buckingham palace!

Libby and I! (My Roommate here in Oxford!)

This is a group of girls that are in Siggies or are Siggie Alum! We have had such a great time hanging out together

Westminster Abbey!

I got to see the Princess Diana Memorial!!!

That Night we got to see Les Miserable! I enjoyed getting to see this classic at such a beautiful Theater!! 

Friday Night we stayed in London at a hostel so that we could get an early start on Saturday Morning! It was my first hostel experience! It was so fun but I am glad it was only for one night!

Here is us on our way to the olympic village! 

This is one of the big stadiums! 

Inside one of the stores there was a model of the stadium made out of Leggos! 

It was so crazy to be here!! 

I just thought this was funny it is a portrait of the queen in Jelly Beans! 

We also got to see Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter! It was awesome to take a few snapshots!

At 2:30 we got to see Wicked!! It is my favorite Musical! This was my 8th time to see it and now I have seen it in every venue it has played at! 

After that show we scurried to Picadilly Circus to grab dinner and go to the night show to see Phantom of the Opera!! That was so fun as well!! I just totally enjoyed myself!

 I had such a great time this weekend seeing more of London and going to those 3 shows! I am heading to Rome this weekend and will have another update soon!

Thanks for your continued prayers on our trip and I am so thankful for all of you who are following me on this trip!

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