Monday, July 16, 2012

Week One. Check!

This has been a busy week!! We say a lot of things and learned a lot in several different locations all across England! It feels like we have been going 100 miles a minute but I am seriously enjoying my time here! The first place we visited was Warwick Castle! It was absolutely amazing! Here are some pictures from that!

Warwick Castle

This man greeted us when we came in!

 We were excited to go see everything! 

this is a keeper for sure!

Just having tea with a creepy wax figure!

My Sweet friend Emily!

There was incredible peacock garden! I was obsessed!

Jessie J. was performing that night so obviously we took a picture outside of the venue!

 They had a bald eagle! It was so beautiful!!!

And this little owl!!! So Cute!!!

Stratford upon Avon!

Right after that we headed to Stratford upon Avon! This is the birthplace of Shakespeare! So we learned so much about him and the city that raised him! 

The entire group!

I just loved these places!

This is the church that Shakespeare is buried in!!

The top panel is the original piece of stained glass was from the original building in 1212

This is Shakespeare's grave

It was such a beautiful town! 

This is me and my roommate Libby! She is an absolute blast to hang out with! 


On Saturday Jenny, Libby and I headed out to London! 
We all fell in love with the city and all it had to offer! 

This is one of my favorite pictures for some reason! It is just so beautiful there!

Buckingham Palace!

British Royal Guard

Big Ben!

Westminster Abbey

The Bridge!!!! So Spirited for the Olympics!!

That night we went to Chicago! We had 3rd row seats!! it was absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Anyways! We are having a blast and are looking forward to more adventures for the weeks ahead! I am seriously having the time of my life and I am enjoying every minute that we are spending here!!! 

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