Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

So, Today at church we had one of the most moving things I have ever seen. Most people know that I am not a big crier in public but today I could not control myself.

People came up and on a piece of cardboard they wrote out a struggle they were dealing with that they had over come. For example the one that really got my sobbing was the very first one. On one side of the cardboard it said "We lost our daughter in a car accident" on the other side it said "we now have 2 new daughters adopted from Russia and they ran on stage. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen.

There were forty five different stories that walked across the stage that were from beating cancer, to miscarriages to rape to drug addiction. All stories of people over coming their extreme difficult situations because they put extreme faith in the Lord.

My personal favorite was one of my very good friends Brittaney Hilt, her mom came on stage with a cardboard that said "My daughter had a heart transplant at age 3, brain seizures at 3 1/2, Cancer at age 14, cancer again at age 16, Stem cell transplant at age 16 1/2" and then her daughter Brittaney walked across the stage and hers said something like "I am brittaney and I am alive and healthy". It was a moment that I could not recreate.

On more of a personal note one of my most favorite people of all time had a very tragic thing happen today. My Godfather Tom, father passed away today. They were going to pick him up for church and he was MIA, they started calling around and found out he had called 911 the night before. They got to the hospital and was on a ventilator and was brain dead. They removed the ventilator and his father passed 3 minutes later. The Lance family would really appreciate your prayers in this time of struggle. You will never be forgotten Dick Lance!

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  1. Hi Christine, I am Allison and Anna's mom. I went to the service of cardboard testimonies and was so moved. i was sitting towards the back and with my bad eye sight couldn't read them all but was so moved by the incredible feeling of God's love in the room. I love this blogging world and I think it is great you are doing this. Good luck and I will be a follower.