Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away?

What is it about the rain that makes my body not want to do anything? I feel like I could literally just sit on the couch all day and do ABSOLUTELY nothing. I have been sitting in the kitchen trying to work on my summer school homework and I cannot focus! I really want to get it done, but in all honesty I have NO motivation to do it! The sound of rain just makes me wanna fall over and go to sleep forever... I just LOVE it, yet feel so unproductive.

Mom and Dad come home today from the anniversary trip. They were supposed to stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico for like 4 days but the elevation got to my dad and they had to leave early! So that means instead of cooking dinner tomorrow I am cooking TONIGHT! I am so nervous this is not going to turn out... but I mean at least I am trying right? Don't worry, I will take a plethora of pictures and post the final outcome tonight or sometime tomorrow!

Well, I guess I have procrastinated enough, I NEED to finish this homework.

OH but I do appreciate you reading these! I really enjoy it when people say they read it!

Mkk update yall soon about Dinner outcome tonight!


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