Monday, May 17, 2010

It's my birthday, I'll cry if I want to!

So... Today was my BIRTHDAY! It was pretty low key most of the day.... I woke up late and my BFF Emily made me homemade cinnamon rolls! YUMMM.... after that we took an adventure to Sewing world. I am not sure if a lot of people know but I really like sewing, nothing in particular I just LOVE sitting down and making things. So today my parents bought me a sewing/embroidery machine. It is really cool! I am so excited to start using it! I got a book that I saw on Lullaby Lubbock's blog! It's called One-Yard Wonders and it is a great book with so many cute designs! So tomorrow I start on trying to make things out of it!

Don't Judge the Mickey Mouse thing.... it
came with a free enbrodery set and it is acutally
really cool!

On another note, My mother made me my FAVORITE dinner which is a pesto/Alfredo pasta with chicken and tomatoes! She also made me a HOME MADE birthday cake! I think this might have been the first birthday cake she has EVER MADE for me! It was delicious!

Overall I had a wonderful birthday, it was low key and wonderful! I will start posting pictures of my creations when I have time to sit down and create!


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  1. Happy late Birthday Christine! I am SO excited you got a sewing machine for your birthday! What a great present! Thanks so much for the shout out:) You are gonna love the book One-Yard Wonders. I can't wait to see what you make first! I hope you blog about all the things you sew, I would love to see them!