Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sew on!

So, this was supposed to go up last night.... but it didnt happen but here ya go!

Soooo I have had a nannying job for a couple of days but since the kids are still in school I have had the liberty to do what I want during the day and then when the kids get home just chill here with them!

It has been a big change for me because I have been going to bed at like 11…. Not the usual one or two in the morning. Any who, today while the children were at school I got to meet up with one of my friends in the BFF crew LAUREN! We went to Rio Mambo! Then after we went to Hobby Lobby so I could get supplies to start sewing with!

I got home and broke open the sewing machine and attempted the “Organized Bed Pocket” so I could stick my phone in it during the night, so that it wouldn’t be laying on the ground! It came out fairly decent I was proud of myself! It is one of the first things I have done with like directions hahaha.

After that I cleaned up real fast and mom made pork chops, (then I had some leftover birthday cake! The kids had church tonight so I got back to their house around 8pm and now they are working on homework, showering and getting ready for bed!

Overall this has been a pretty chill week! I am probably going to get to hang out with my sister at the end of this week and most of the weekend! And I only have one more week of summer school left! (for one class at least)! Then I start Chem at TCC….

Anywho! I hope everyone is having a GREAT week!


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